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(known as “the website”)

Yourlocalbiz.com.au and affiliates do not endorse any products and services offered on this web site and cannot held liable for any losses, damages, personal injuries and any other unforseen circumstances arising from the purchase of a product or service as a result of information provided by this website. It is onus of the business owner to provide information about a product or service listed on the website. Any transaction by a user (‘guest’) or subscriber (general member and business lister) as result of information listed on Yourlocalbiz.com.au it is done on their own free will. Business owners undertake to provide all information regarding a product or service and it is recommended that all information is checked before making any purchase by reading any PDS, if available, before making a purchase. (Please provide us with names of unscrupulous service providers and we will verify information and remove them from the listing.)

Anyone found to be promoting, selling, renting or advising on contraband products, counterfeit or any other product or service deemed to be illegal will be reported to the proper authorities.

Admin Contact

By signing up to YourLocalbiz.com.au you agree to be contacted from time to time through email about your administration details, re-signing reminders, and any marketing promotions to promote your sector of business. From time to time Yourlocalbiz.com.au will promote a section of the business fraternity by creating menu link, or other means, such “yourlocalButcher” for example. Please make sure that your information is current and it is suggested that you use a generic email like ‘info’ or ‘admin’ for email contact so that you will recieve any notifications. You are required to have an admin email. From time to time Management will contact you via to make sure details are still current. An expiring date of 365 days is used to keep the content correct and current. (Please verify when asked too)

If you don’t have an email sign up for a free account at www.hotmail.com www.yahoo.com.au www.live.com.au www.google.com/mail or any other web based email account.

Privacy and Collection of Data

Collection and publishing of data: Data entered and published by users is for sole purpose of publication on www.yourlocalbiz.com.au and will not used for any other purposes. All Users including ad hoc viewers and publishers may not use data for the purpose of contacting other members about other products and services. Any data published the owner accepts responsibility that the information is correct and is not misleading to users. Privacy is respected and maintained.

Marketing material and advertising. Yourlocalbiz.com.au may from time to time send email marketing material and offers to its member’s on behalf of management and affiliate members.

General Business Operation

Yourlocalbiz.com.au reserves the right to deny any member or listing for any reason, namely hate or racist listings or the selling of contra-band products deemed by federal, local goverment and police. Yourlocalbiz.com.au reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the website use and listing at anytime. There are a number of free options in content listing of members and businesses and this may change in the future. Release of future roll outs and new services may attract a charge and listers will be given an option to purchase or opt out, if required. Yourlocalbiz.com.au does not take any responsibility for loss of business, income, expenses incurred, such as stationery printed which includes a link to your listing or advertising. No guarantee is implied. Errors and omissions are expected. Yourlocalbiz.com.au reserves the right to change any terms and conditions. Previous terms and conditions from date of change will be null and void and operated under new terms and conditions.

Whilst due care and attention is taken ensure that all information is correct at the time of publication no responsibility can be taken for incorrect information provided by the lister or listing. Due care and attention to ensure accuracy of listing is current and correct but this website and owner take no responsibility of expenses occurred or loss of income due to information provider by the lister as incorrect, ie if they failed to notify use change of address or closure and/or changes in the nature of their business. Yourlocalbiz provides no guarantee of the business listing and the services, products or any consultancy provided by the listing business and it’s partners. EO&E

Your privacy is respected and no data or information is sold to third parties. Notice all will be sent If any changes in terms and conditions.