Why add my business?

The business stratergy of yourlocalbiz is not just another directory but something a little more than that. We offer you the opportunity to list your business with a greater ammount of information than the other business directories. This gives your business another link in the 'webosphere' and more keywords to be found. We are not just another business directory.

People use the internet to search. A classified print newspaper recently converted their entire business to online only. If you don't have an online presence anywhere there is every chance that you will never be found; this is your opportunity to have your name or business to have a web presence and to be found. If you have an existing website or and listing somewhere else this is just another opportunity to have you business name online and for people to find you. In simple terms the more chances the better.

FREE! Did we mention that? :) Why is it free? Our business attitude is 'build it - they will come'. Premium listers will have the opportunity for more services. There are plans (and under way) for a premium listing service with more options, paid featured business options, site advertising options, sponsor options, PR features, targetted advertising campaigns, partner sponsors and more.

Each new lister will be broadcast aswell as periodic targetted business categories. So the more people you can get to follow www.twitter.com/yourlocalbizAU the better ;) :)

Yourlocalbiz has some unique market plans to grow your business which only be made known to genuine business listers.

Yourlocalbiz has a different ideology to most businesses: We listen to our customers! In general we someone asks a question "Can you do this?" what they really mean is "We would like to be able to do this". So if you have a question >> Just ask. Questions will be added to the FAQs aswell.

Our Future Roll Outs

- Google Maps (done) We use googlemaps and co-ordinates,please use 'fetch co-ordinates' in your listing when adding your business.

- Google streetview.

Search terms about your business in relation to "How you want to be found" ie area, postcode, and service in the search keywords (done)

- We have added 'Profession'. As well as the other search terms this will define your service ie plumber, doctor etc.

- Search Terms in relation to "Where you want operate" (done) - We have added "Operating areas to the sign up form entry which we show as "Servicing Customers in....". Users will search the service or product they need in an area they need and this will return a lister that is purposeful to the end user.

Your area you operate, business title, and profession are added to the meta titles in google, (important for you to be found as this is how people will search)

- PDA IPHONE Template (done)

- Multiple images (Gallery) in listing (done)

- Refined narrow search engine (done)

For more updates check out http://www.yourlocalbiz.com.au/biz-buzz-blog

and more coming soon:)

We look forward to working with you.

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