Update In Progress

Thank you for choosing Yourlocalbiz.com.au. We are going through a major upgrade.

We have gone through many processes to try to preserve listings as they were, however addresses added incorrectly would not import correctly (about 50%), so we taken this opportunity to reset addresses and will contact. We also did a quick check on some businesses as well and found a few changed addresses, closed down or changed business type.

We then decided that this is going to be an opportunity to cull any inactive and closed businesses.

We are also offering people the opportunity to do guest posts and will contact account holders.

For example, if you are in type of these business –

10 tips on how to get the best price for selling your car [car detailer] – How to make a great pizza base?  [Cooking School] – How to protect your home from criminals. [Home Security]

This will help you be found on your listing via search and also help your own website with SEO – the article will link back to your listing, if you wish. There many other exciting opportunities happening, and they will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

You will be contacted about adding components as they are ready.  This will also be a good opportunity to check sites are active. A few tests of websites showed that some had closed or changed to new type or business.

Thank you.

YLB Admin