'How do I add my business' - First register a user account - it is free - just go to : "List". This account is for administration purposes to connect your user account to your business Listing. This account can also be used to log into any future components on this site, such as a forum comments and to review other businesses, products or service. Once you add your details you should be directed to the business sign up page.

Note - You can always edit later - if you don't have all the information that you require now. If you want to ask ask question about your listing. Find your listing at the bottom there is a "Report or claiming listing" - Use that link and use the correct option.

TIP Use 'addtional keywords' for extra words that are not the listing, like Mic or Mick. Plurals and 'bad' spelling versions of words.

Use plurals and verbs, and what ever you think will help you be found, such as supplier, supplies.  Also use different versions of a word like Mic or Mick - you dot know how people spell a word.

Make sure your business name is spelled correctly. 

- An example  'plumber, 2000, Sydney, Lane Cove, all areas, experienced, emergency, 24 hours'

- Another example 'lawyer, contracts, matrimony law, divorce, East Melbourne,'

If you find a duplicate name entry error, just press 'back' on your browser and the info will still be there and you can try a name with perhaps your area to differentiate you.

Advice - Use a photo and logo - it will add personality to your listing and separate you from the others.

*TIP* - Where possible use the type of business in the name if it not in the name already -  Joe's Domestic Services - Cleaning (but don't make the title too long!) Once you have created an account you should receive a confirmation email - This is a normal security measure for insuring that real people are registering and not spambots. Confirm your account and login - (*At this stage we have deactivated this process to speed up the registration for you as each listing will have to approved) - you should be directed to the " add business listing" details.

How do I edit my business listing? If you are logged in you should be able to edit your listing - just find it or use the User Menu to the right). A "My Listings" link should appear on the right in User Details and you can find your listings. Any business that you list will be related to that account and email. Always check your 'junk mail' account in case you did not receive and 'allow user' or make safe - depending on your service provider and email client.

You don't have use all the listing options - Like "We sell" - leave anything blank you don't need. Anything left black will not be published.

Listing approval is for safety purposes, to make sure your listing is double checked, quality assuranced for users and any spambots registering and posting junk material.

'How do I recover my password and user name?'

If you have lost your login details - Go to member login and there are links there to lost email account or login OR use links below:

'I have lost my password'   - Go to 'Log in'  

'I have forgot my user name'  - Go to 'Log in' 

'I dont see my listing' - All listings will be checked and approved before going 'live'.

'Why should I add my business profession?' - One Word or Two - What is your profession or business type. If your are a caterer - add 'caterer' but if you are a caterer but prefer to be noticed as an 'event organizer' - add  'event manager'.  This will be used to promote sections of business. If you are a plumber add 'plumber' not plumbing - most people will search 'plumber' - plumbing would be the industry. If you are a shop or retail store or in sales add the type group of products - like 'home electronics'.

'What is an icon image?' - It is a general image like an exterior of the store or a photograph of your work / project or you. Something that your are proud of. This will be used in the 'featured' listing (when active) and in the listing itself. The maximum size image is 1.2 megabytes (A normal digital camera capture in medium size)  and will be resized in listing.

'How do I add my listing to a category?' - Go to the tree below and expand if necassary by clicking on the + plus sign. Select your category and the use the arrows  >>> to add across. <<< to change and add another. You can have up 3 at this stage.

'What if I make a mistake?' Once your listing is published you will be able to edit. Log in with your user account. Once you are logged and visit that listing you will be able to see a 'Edit' at the bottom of the listing that your want to edit. Add and 'send'.

'My business category is not there' - Dont worry - add it to the closet one possible and send an email to use through contact us with your username and will he add your suggestion. All entries are checked before publication. Please contact us if you have any more queries.

'What are Keywords?' - Always add keywords that suit your listing - it helps the search on the web and on this site.
eg builder, building, painting, decorating, plaster board, Sydney West. Google search update: Please use these keywords in the 'meta description' - Google don't index website by meta keywords any more (but this used in the site search and related listings). Use the keywords in the meta description in the information page and title of the business. ie Joe's Plumber - in listing info and meta decription - Joe's Plumber was established in 1972..... ie good english sentence construction.

Also Add products with brand names (if necessary) you sell ! We have also added input areas lie We "Service" "Sell" "Fix" and more to give a little more formatting to your listing and help users to see what you do quicker. At Yourlocalbiz we understand that all businesses are not the same, so therefore we want to give you as many options as possible and will introduce more as needed.

'How do I edit an Account?' When you are logged in, find your listing, and at the bottom the listing in Card view or full listing there will be an edit or delete button. Use as needed, then 'send' - information will be updated.

Why is business there when I did not list it? You have luckily been chosen as a premier business in your area to help users to find businesses that can serve them. Contact us about deleting your account or adding information by using the link  at the bottom of the listing "report or claim listing" , you might like to use one of those options.

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